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Folding Pocket Knife Foraging Tool w/ Leather Pouch


Foraging Folding  Pocket Knife – Artisan Handmade (with some machine produced components) in Brazil, this is beautiful foraging/farm/vegetable pocket knife made – a great all round knife to carry around with you wherever your adventures take you. Comfortable ergonomic handle for left or right handed people and comes in a handmade leather sheath.

Pocketknife Dimensions:
Open Length: 18.50 cm;
Closed length: 10.50 cm;
Width: 3 cm;
Height: 3 cm;
Weight: 90 grams.Materials Used:
Handle: Brazilian Hardwood
Length: 10,50 cm;
Thickness: 2,00 cm;
Material: Stainless Steel 430 mechanism; Hardwood; Aluminium Bolster.
Finish: Varnish.Blade:
Length: 8,0 cm;
Thickness: 2,25 mm;
Material: Stainless Steel 420;
Finish: Polished.

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