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Solid Handmade Cutting Board


Handmade Cutting Board Australian Hardwood – The perfect accompaniment to your Smokin’ Gaucho Parrilla, is our beautifully handmade, artisan chopping board, constructed from mixed Australian hardwoods, our Smokin’ Gauchos chopping and cutting boards are designed to last generations.

Made from the edge grain of Australian timbers, including Jarrah, Ironbark, and Spotted Gum, each handmade cutting board is unique and individual as the tree from which is came. All boards come branded with the Smokin’ Gauchos logo, pre-oiled (it gets a nice long oil bath for a few days prior to shipment), ready to use and make wonderful gifts for the home chef, or are perfect as a presentation grazing board. SOlid and heavy. our Australian Handmade Cutting Board will be used for generations to come.

If you are purchasing a Smokin’ Gauchos chopping board for your Parrilla, please select the “SMALL” option as this board will be mounted to the side of your parrilla, and is easily removed for cleaning.

Images show the styles and colours produced from the varying timber. Each board is unique and different due to availability of timber at the time.

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