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Handmade Leather Knife Roll (7 Pockets)


Thoughtfully handmade from beautiful two-tones of leather, our Smokin’ Gauchos leather knife roll is designed to hold 5+2 full size knives, and two smaller knives (or Tweezers & honing steel) from their handles, with a protective leather overlay which covers the exposed blade.

Composing of two sections, with space for larger knives (like our cleaver), this roll will easily hold you Smokin’ Gauchos knives or utensils.

Features include:

  • Handmade by artisans
  • Genuine leather in two-tone
  • Removable carry handle
  • Two straps and buckles to hold roll together firmly
  • Internal blade cover (one leather flaps)

NOTE* Knifes in pictures are not included. Please view the complete Chef set to purchase knife rolls with knives.

Available on backorder