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Handmade Japanese Chef Knife Set w/ Leather Roll (6 Piece)

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We were inspired! Our Smokin’ Gauchos Handmade Japanese Chef Knife Set takes things to the next level.

Our Japanese style chef knives, are handmade in Brazil by our very talented artisan, and were inspired from one of the oldest known bladesmiths, using traditional shapes of the key japanese style knives. For the serious home cook, or professional Chef alike. Our handcrafted Smokin’ Gauchos Japanese Chef Knife set is the ultimate compliment to any kitchen. The full set includes:

🔥6 Piece Japanese Chef Knife Set🔥

🇧🇷Handmade in Brazil

🔪SAE 1070 High Carbon Blade

💪🏼56-58HRC (Hardness)

🪵Hardwood Handles w/ Steel Pins

🐂Handcrafted Leather Pouch

✋🏼Handmade Knife Roll

Designed to last generations, high-carbon (HC) knives are tough. They hold their edge much longer than a traditional stainless steel knife, and feel great in the hand. HC knives require a little extra care.

Click here to read more about handmade artisan knives and how to care for them.

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