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Handmade Leather Knife Roll (15 Pockets)


Thoughtfully handmade from beautiful Brazilian bovine leather, our Smokin’ Gauchos leather knife roll is designed with 15 pockets:

1x Cleaver Pocket (10cm),
7x Knife Pockets (5cm),
5x Knife Pockets (4.5cm),
1x Tweezer Pocket (3cm),
1x Knife Pocket (5.5cm),

Overall height is 470mm (max length of a knife you can insert)
Pocket height is – 300mm
Length of roll is – 990mm

Made from a beautifully tanned and rustic one piece of leather, and two-tone combination with dark brown leather straps, the main pockets are made from a leather fold, riveted with 5 brass rivets either side to hold each knife firmly. The top fold of leather is designed to secure the knives from slipping out and will fold over the handles as a protective leather overlay which covers the exposed blade.

This roll will easily hold you Smokin’ Gauchos knives or utensils.

Features include:

  • Handmade by Brazilian artisans
  • Genuine leather (2mm thick)
  • Removable shoulder strap
  • Carry handle
  • Two extra long straps and brass hardware buckles to hold roll together firmly
  • Internal blade cover and handle flap.

NOTE* Knifes in pictures are not included. Please view the complete Chef set to purchase knife rolls with knives.

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