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The Art of Artisan

Traditional Latin American Parrilla grills are one of mankind’s greatest creations. They allow us to taste the authentic flavours of different meats, without any of the embellishments that we normally add in homes and restaurants today. It’s too bad that most of us can’t afford to travel to Argentina or Uruguay every other day for a delicious meal.

But how amazing would it be if you could enjoy such succulent meals every week, right from your own backyard? Now you have the option of getting your very own Gaucho or Santa Maria Grill and preparing your own Latin American feasts at home.

Our HandMade Smokin’ Gaucho Parrilla has been fabricated with care, right here in Australia. We follow the exact construction specifications of conventional Parrilla used in South America, allowing you to immerse yourself in true Latin American experience.

Crafted with love to celebrate centuries of tradition

At Smoking Gauchos, our Smokin’ Gaucho Parrilla have been constructed using premium-quality carbon steel, sourced from local suppliers. By getting our carbon steel from Australian suppliers, we ensure that quality is maintained right from the start and you receive a Gaucho grill that can be used for decades to come.


The iron grates on the grill are attached to stainless steel wheels and cables, which allow you to easily adjust the Parrilla’s height when grilling or barbequing. The grills themselves come mounted on a large trolley with castor wheels. Now you can easily transport it anywhere you want without trouble.

Some other important features that our HandMade Smokin’ Gaucho Parrilla possess are:

  • 1200mm x600mm Parrilla grill body fabrication.
  • Flame & heat-resistant paint coating on the non-cooking surface of the grill.
  • High-quality 25mm firebricks, made to withstand high heat and regulate cooking temperature.
  • Premium craftsmanship and elegant aesthetics.
  • Extremely easy to assemble and can be done minutes before the barbeque.

Our Smokin’ Gaucho Parrilla also comes with these attachments

  • Easy-to-remove flat drip tray to collect fat while cooking.
  • Height adjustable warming rack.
  • Rails for hanging meat during smoking.
  • Light fire basket that can be removed and cleaned.

You can also choose to buy these two optional accompaniments for an additional cost:

  • Spit rotisserie prong forks
  • Handmade Australian hardwood cutting board from Tasmania.

The Gaucho/Santa Maria grills we sell at Smoking Gauchos, have been designed and built by barbeque and asado afficionados. We are passionate about Latin American cuisine and we believe everyone should get the opportunity to savour this magnificent cuisine.

By choosing to purchase from a homegrown Australian supplier like Smoking Gauchos, you support local artisans and producers. Feel free to browse our website to learn more about our grills.

What can you cook on the HandMade Smokin’ Gaucho Parrilla?

The Smokin’ Gaucho Parrilla is designed to help you amalgamate the pure & elemental nature of fire with the strong, earthy flavour of meat.

During this global covid19 pandemic, we recommend you choose Australian meat suppliers for your asado/barbeque feasts. This will allow you to have complete visibility into the journey your meat takes, while it makes its way to you from paddock to plate.

When cooking, you can use our Parilla to:

  • Char the meat directly over the grill.
  • Make smoky barbeques using woodfire cooking.
  • Pan sear your meats or use a hotplate over the grill.
  • Cook your meat caveman-style directly over the coals.

This versatility of the Smokin’ Gaucho Parrilla make it an incredibly amazing equipment for all food lovers. Our grills are suitable for cooking not only meats, but vegetables and fruits as well. Now you’ll have no problem making things from scratch and cooking epic Latin American meals.