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The Art of Handmade Knives – Why a Chef set is the Ultimate BBQ tool

From slicing vegetables to filleting fish, having a good set of kitchen knives is key to cooking barbecue successfully. Using the right type of knife will not only help you cook more efficiently, but it will also allow you to prepare more delicious food. With that in mind, let’s look at some knives that should be in your barbecue cooking tool collection.

How many types of knives should I have in my collection?

There are five types of knives that you should ideally have. A Chef’s Knife is the most important knife in your kitchen tool set. These knives have long edges which makes them more efficient and versatile. The longer the edge, the more work that the knife accomplishes.

A Paring Knife does the opposite work. It is best used for slicing and cutting items finely. You can use a paring knife for scoring meat, mincing garlic, peeling ginger, and performing other tasks that require attention to detail.

As its name indicates, a Fillet/Boning Knife has the best blade for moving around bones and separating meat from it. The Cimeter Knife can cut large pieces of meat into smaller cuts. On the other hand, the Cleaver Knife is best for heavily chopping up large pieces of bones and through thick meat pieces.

Smokin’ Gauchos Handmade Knives Chef Set

You can now get all your barbecue knives in one place. Smokin’ Gauchos’ Chef Set has knives with sturdy handles made of camel bone with a mosaic pin in them. The wood is reclaimed hardwood. In comparison to stainless steel, these knives may tarnish but are much stronger and can last many years if you take good care of them. Make sure to wash and oil your knives following every use to prevent them from tarnishing.

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