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We help home cooks discover the joys of BBQ & woodfire cooking culture. 


Smokin’ Gauchos is a company that celebrates all things BBQ & cooking culture. We want you to enjoy your outdoor cooking experience with the finest artisan handmade products, from our signature Parrilla, handmade gaucho knives, expertly crafted leather aprons, to bespoke fire tools sourced from boutique makers around the world.

This family-owned business started out as a passion project for Founder, Kevin Spiteri, who wanted to take woodfire and outdoor cooking to the next-level, and create great memories by cooking together in their backyard.

Now the company has expanded into creating an online marketplace where anyone can find all of these high quality products while also connecting with other people who share this love for the outdoors!


🖤After the unexpected passing of my dear brother Ian, we needed to take a little time to heal. ❤️‍🩹

We took refuge in nature, found solace in the pine forests, no outside communications, no distractions.

Whilst it was only a few short days, mother nature provided is with exploration, adventure, waterfalls, wildlife, and most importantly, fire.

We communed, we gathered. We laughed, we cried. We remembered our brother for the short life he lived, and gave thanks for the life we have.

R.I.P Ian, may you accompany us around every fire, joining us in spirit for all of our adventures 🕊️👊🏼

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🤙🏼We love seeing what you guys think of what we create. I’ve been a stickler for brown units, however after seeing how good @chefjohn_byronbay looked in his, we just had to make a few to see if you guys vibe the black!

📩 DM for ordering instructions
🥇 First in beat dressed!

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How good is it when you get together with friends who share the same love for food & wine as you do?

Epic night as we went through an 8 dish Asian fusion, impeccably paired with some killer wines from @bamvinocellars

Paying for it a bit today, but worth every minute 😅

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Every session I learn something more. New techniques, new methods thanks to @guyjam from @centeredceramics and thanks to @chefjasonroberts for being my phone a friend to make sure we done f@#! Up 🤣🔥

My purpose for making things from @lagunaclay Fire Clay, available from @keaneceramics is to create ceramic tools for cooking over fire that can be made by hand.

Fire plates, Tagines, Pots and so much more. Vessels that embrace the fire and can handle the heat and the change of temperatures.

This bad boy is a mini wok / shallow bowl pan. Can’t wait to put it to use once done.

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Being a cook, and not a chef, there’s a deep gratitude for the talent that surrounds us, especially here on the Central Coast.

One such talent is that of Scott & Alastair of @yellowtailrestaurant – really pushing some boundaries and always working hard to keep things fresh and interesting. No easy Feat 🔥🤙🏼

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A goal I set for 2024 was to work with my hands more where I could. A year ago I was inspired by @ryanpaulder @loveryanceramics to create epic ceramics that could be used for all of our cooking endeavours. Pieces we could say were ours, and present them with pride. Bubbling away is @doingthethings_au a place where working with your hands is reinvigorated and celebrated.

I’ve been fortunate to see what is possible when using ceramics on fire, and @chefjasonroberts has set a high bar with the incredible things you can make and cook with over flame.

So here begins the journey with @centeredceramics Guy & Jen are beautiful humans, taking me on this journey to learn to make the pieces that I can use with fire cooking.

Stay tuned, more to come! Ps: hit me up if you want to know more. 🔥🔥🔥

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After 20 years of being out of the field, I felt it was time to reignite my love for ethically harvesting wild game meat. Very proud to be supported by @hunterselement in this journey who have provided me with the right gear to return to the bush. The quality and sustainability of Hunters Element aligns perfectly with our values. Keeping our country clean, and using recycled bottles to manufacture the bulk of their clothing range.

Thanks to the guidance and support of @johnralley and @_wilderlife_ for coaching me and directing me through the process, i’m grateful for your wisdom and knowledge.

Stay tuned as we work to create content which connects wild harvested protein to the plate using fire (wherever we can!).

I want you to think about dishes:

🐇Rabbit Spaghetti
🦌Venison Schnitzel
🐗Wild Boar Sisig
🦘Kanagroo & Bloof Orange Skewers
🐐 Goat Asado

Any requests???

Stay tuned friends, the journey has just begun.
#HilltoGrill #Explorefurther #Huntlonger #Hunterselement #smokingauchos #harvest #ethicalhunter #hunting #huntingisconservation🌎 #hunt #hunters #huntingseason #huntinglife

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What a wild ride of food & flavours once again here in the Philippines. I love this place, the people are beautiful, and so much of the food is still traditional, cooked with traditional methods.

The mix of old world and new world is so engaging from traditional suckling pig (Lechon) filled with flavour, to modern fine dining, the Philippines has it all!

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Another sensational Japanese meal @ipponyari . The sashimi here was some of the freshest I’ve ever tasted, and every dish to delicious and legit!

The Philippines food experience continue…

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Just a snippet of the food exploration here in – what a vibe! Everywhere is bustling, charcoal skewers being cooked on the streets and restaurants. Fresh seafood everywhere and whole pig know as “Lechon” on the spit.

Non stop eating here!
@fairwaysandbluewaterboracay @epicboracay @boracayinformer

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An unbelievable japanese feast @kombujapanesebistro some of the best I’ve had in the world, yakitori was top shelf. 🔥🔥🔥

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When @johnralley of @bushriverkitchen gives you a venison terrine from wild harvest deer 🦌 how do you it justice?

Well, you make an epic Ploughman’s lunch for the family:
@brown_sugar_bakery_2260 sourdough @harrisfarmmarkets cheese selection @colessupermarkets condiments & deli meats @yarra_yering 2022 Chardonnay
@loveryanceramics plates
@laguioleaustralia knives
@spiegelauaus glasses

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Playing with some basic sketches of some of the flame ware i’d like to make this year.

Fire plate for flatbreads
Pot for Cous Cous & Rice
Flat pan/plate

Hopefully with @centeredceramics I can develop the skills to make these over time 🔥🔥🔥

Looking forward to trying out the @keaneceramics fireclay too

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Woodfire Crab Linguine w/ Garlic & Lemon bread Crumb.
@harrisfarmmarkets produce, @sanremopasta linguine., cooked in my @solidteknics pans, @heatbeads coal w/ ironbark, @olssonssalt served on @pony_rider enamel plates & a bottle of 2020 @domainenaturaliste Chardonnay in @spiegelauaus glasses.

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Having owned 5 4WD’s, & driving off road 24 years, I had a sense that I was pretty competent off road.

After a day course with @drivingsolutions & I learned so much more about the details of 4WD control, using the tech in my @toyota_aus Prado Kak & even being able to compare the tech amongst other vehicles like the @fordaustralia Wildtrak & Everest.

Held @sydneymotorsportpark – @drivingsolutions took us through the gamut of 4WD’ing including:
✅ Understanding tyre pressure, tread & construction – @falkenaustralia Wildpeak A/Ts touted as one of the best A/T’s on the market
✅ Vehicle features, snorkels, diff & trans breathers
✅ Bull-bar, Recovery Point, Winches & Underbody protection differences with @rival4x4 @afn4x4australia @arb4x4
✅ Internal Safety (ie Cargo Barriers) like @kaonaust make
✅ Recovery Kits & the differences between traditional shackle & snatch setups vs new kinetic & rope style as made by Ridge Ryder available from @bcf.australia & @supercheap_auto
✅ Off road preparation, First Aid and survival supplies
✅ Vehicle maintenance & Cleanliness by @meguiars_australia @mobil1_retail_australia
✅ Roof Rack Weights & GVM loads @rolaaustralia @rhinorackau @yakimaracksaunz
✅ Lights & Accessories @stedi_australia

Brilliant day had by all, so much fun and so much learned. Thanks @ James, Jack & crew! 🔥

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This year I am going to be embarking on some adventures which involve ceramics.

Some of the earliest cookware originated from clay and im keen to play a bit in this space.

Having been inspired by @chefjasonroberts and @loveryanceramics I look forward to sewing how i can connect handmade ceramics with fire cooking 🔥🏺🔥🏺🔥 Looking forward to attending @centeredceramics

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An epic family day out @thegrounds Alexandria, with lunch in the Potting Shed, great menu on offer & a killer rib eye. Just had to have it.

Oh, and a Macaw you can say hi to 🦜

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When the family is hungry.

You have a few random things at home, so you cook what you can find:

Ricotta Stuffed Zuchinni Flowers
Pork Belly Pancakes w/ hoisin & veg
Rib Eye w/ Broccolini

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Phwoooaaarrr what an EPIC day of cooking that was, decided to treat the fam to a Middle Eastern FEAST🔥

Took my trusty @pony_rider market bag down to @tumbi_wholesale_meats & @fruitforall to pick up some meat and veg.

Made everything from scratch except the hummus and baba ganoush!

🔥Kafta Lebanese Beef
🔥Shish Tawook Chicken
🔥Veggie Skewers
🔥Garlic Toum
🔥Pickled Turnip (now need to wait a week or so)!
🔥Lebanese Potatoes

All cooked over wood fire using my @solidteknics pan, and putting our new mesh grill to the test.

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Ok, so it’s not woodfire, but this dish needs a special mention.

This is the dish that reminds me of home. Of growing up in a Maltese immigrant family, it was dishes like this that you were stoked to come home to.

After the abundance of ham, endless seafood, and more salads than I can name, we felt we would cook something simple “Rigatoni w/ Ricotta, Garlic & Tomato Sauce” (GHAHIN MIMLI IRKOTTA) and man did it hit the spot!

Lovingly served on our beautiful enamel plateware by @pony_rider and cooked in our @solidteknics pan.
#maltese #maltesefood #malta🇲🇹 #maltatoday #malteseofficial #malteseofinstagram #malteseworld

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