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Handcrafted Leather Fire Gloves and Apron Set

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Handcrafted Leather Fire Gloves and Apron Set

Elevate your culinary experience with our expertly crafted set, designed for both style and functionality. This package includes:

  • Smokin’ Gauchos Handmade Leather Apron: Soft, durable bovine leather with multiple tool pockets and a special buckle for attaching fire gloves. Designed for comfort and practicality.
  • Handmade Leather Fire Gloves: Heat resistant up to 450 degrees Celsius, crafted from bovine leather and lined with Aramid Fiber. Equipped with a brass clip for easy attachment to the apron.

Key Details:

  • Materials: High-quality bovine leather, brass hardware
  • Safety: Gloves rated for high-temperature handling
  • Functionality: designed for easy access and secure storage

Perfect for professional chefs and passionate home cooks, this package combines essential tools in one compact, efficient set. Enhance your kitchen’s functionality and style with these indispensable culinary tools.

Note: Knives are not included. For knife-inclusive options, please view our complete Artisan Knives catalogue here

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