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La Parrilla

Our Australian-made LA PARRILLA (Also known as a ‘Gaucho Grill’ or ‘Santa Maria Grill’) is the most versatile grills/BBQs on the market for woodfire cooking. Our authentic design, with a modern twist seamlessly combines a grill, smoker and BBQ all in one, and is perfect for smoke loving enthusiasts everywhere!

Use effortlessly with lump charcoal if preferred, or using the in-built ‘brasero’ it works beautifully with natural hardwood coals so that you get that authentic wood fire taste.


  • * Hand fabricated, traditional carbon steel
  • * Long grill travel, hanging racks & warming rack
  • * High temp heat resistant paint
  • * Removable fire basket for easy cleaning
  • * Stainless steel shaft and cables
  • * Large grill surface
  • * Minimal removable drip/fat tray
  • * Adjustable warming rack
  • * Heavily Insulated 25 mm firebricks
  • * Hanging rails (for smoking)

  • * Trolley w/ Castor wheels for moving it around
  • * Minimal assembly, setup in minutes
  • * Wood storage rack
  • * Easy to cure and maintain (just like seasoning a wok!)
  • * Front doors for wind control
  • * Footprint: 1200mm (w) x 600mm (d)
  • * 4 sided lined firebricks
  • * Weight: ~200kgs
  • * Interchangeable ‘V’ Grill


*NOTE: Shipping varies around Australia, a quote will be provided upon purchase.


Where form meets function, our beautifully handcrafted 'La Parrilla' is designed to make a statement, gather around for woodfire goodness.

Our Parrilla combines smart features and options such as a rotisserie attachment, cooking trivet for pots and pans, 'V'Grill, hot plate, hanging rod and a smoking rack. For the simplest of barbecue, through to an Argentinian feast. Designed and built for those who love food cooked over woodfire.

Thoughtfully designed with the backyard cook (or aspiring woodfired Chef) in mind.

Two years of thoughtful, considered design has gone into creating something as versatile as it is beautiful. From the firebrick lined floor and walls, through to the separate front doors to make heat control a breeze, the perfectly positioned warming/smoking rack, the convenient hanging rod, and chopped wood storage that holds enough wood for a 12-hour cook.

Our famous Parrilla.

Our mission was to create the ultimate woodfire grill, that is as authentic as it is functional. Australian-made, and hand-crafted. Our Parrilla has been used by backyard cooks, and well-known Chefs' alike.


Parrilla Options