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Brown Handmade Leather Apron


Beautifully handcrafted from a supple leather, our Smokin’ Gauchos Handmade Leather Apron will Protect your body from the heat of the flame!

NOTE: This is for our Brown Model

Handmade by our Artisans in Argenetina. Designed to be super comfortable to wear, and not overly heavy like many leather aprons. Featuring multiple pockets to hold knives, honing steel, towel strap, phone pocket, scissors & more. Included buckle is designed for you to “Clip On” your Smokin’ Gauchos Handmade Leather Fire Gloves so they are on hand and ready to use. Never misplace your fire gloves again!

  • 100% Supple Bovine Leather
  • Handmade Leather Chef / Cook Apron
  • Cross strap & Back strap for ultimate comfort
  • Bronze Hardware, rivets and clips
  • Multiple pockets to hold:
    • Honing Steel
    • Cutting Tools
    • Tweezers
    • Pen slot
    • Fork
    • Phone and much more…

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