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Handmade Woodfire Cooking Basket (Stainless Steel)


Handmade Woodfire Cooking Basket (Stainless Steel):

For the most discerning of woodfire cooks or chefs who are sick of burning through stainless sieve’s or cheap, Chinese made chrome grilling baskets.

The Smokin Gauchos fire basket is handmade, in Australia from 1.5mm perforated stainless steel w/ 3mm holes throughout. Tig welded with a raked stainless handle for perfect control.

Tried and tested by professional woodfire chefs like Nico from Osteria Il Coccia, this woodfire cooking basket is crafted to suit the needs of fire cooks, for cooking anything delicate where you need to control the heat, and infuse with smoke, such as smoking mixed seafood such as mussels, and pippis, mixed veg to anything you can imagine.

Features & Sizing for the Handmade Woodfire Cooking Basket (Stainless Steel):

  • Stainless Steel
  • Size: 260mm x 260mm Square
  • 240mm raked Handle x 25mm round handle
  • 3mm Perforated offset holes
  • TIG welded stainless

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